I look for contrasts and movements of materials, intense colors and rough and sensual textures.

My fine and sober surfaces, patiently mounted with coils and fired for the first time, are covered with a matte slip and powdered with sand from Fontainebleau.

I work in straight colors: Cobalt blue, tin whites or Cadmium reds.

After a second firing, I partially cover my pieces with a homemade glazes, like a second skin.

And now is the time to entrust them to the kiln, at very high temperature.

In this moment, the pieces come alive and are freed, no longer under my control. Dispossessed of my power on the clay, I live in turn impatience, expectation, doubt, hope.

At the exit of the kiln, it is the surprise, the metamorphosis. The glazes are frozen after being tormented during firing.

Clay is generous. Fire is a creator of genius. The magic always operates.