Clay has its own personality and it is the one who decides, depending on its mood.  Il twists, it cracks, it breaks, it dries, as if as a reminder that it was here before the hand that is working on it, and it will be here long afterwards.  It must be tamed.

Alice first was interested in form, shape, throwing, coiling, slab work.

Pots, vases, bowls, plates, again and again, entrust the work to the kiln, wait for the results, be surprised, sometimes disappointed, analyze, understand, retry, improve until finally happenstance become mastery.

And when a piece is made, it becomes a white page.

Creation never comes out of nothing and Alice gets her inspiration from diverse sources m the work of another, a painting, a poem, a book, a flower…

Japanese ceramics, for example, gave her the desire to attain freedom of gesture, candor of line.

In Mexican ceramics, the colors explode and captivate the eye.

The work on the form adapts itself to her research: the surface must be enlarged and refined, escape from the functional in order that the glaze can express its freedom.

In her studio, Alice now searches for the big, and has turned back to raw color, deep texture, smooth, mat, rough, porous, transparent, fragile, enigmatic.