Through the continual search for contrast and mouvement, my desire is to create harmony and feeling in my pieces. This new collection is the « apprentice » of Nature, my previous collection. The sober and refined shapes are a pretext to experiment, to explore the work of the glaze even further. I compose these glass dressings. They are revealed at 1150, the temperature for firing stoneware. The complexity stems from a multitude of intervening factores : the type of clay, the quality and quantity of mixed rock, the water density, the thickness of the piece, the firing atmosphere, where it is places in the kiln, the firing curve, the final temperature, etc… During the firing process, the pieces are out of your hands. They live their own lives. Then comes the work of observation and wonder in face of their reactions. One must accept the unpredictability, to desire it. Like in a game of Rebus, one must try to decode the signs.  Bachelard states that to imagine is to raise what is real up one level.