1000 vases

For the exhibition 1000 vases, in Paris during the design week with Meet my project on september 2018, I designed “Naissances,” a series of stoneware vases using the ancestral method of coils.

I took my time refining the walls of my pieces, lightness fascinates me.

When clay is fired, it moves, it is fired at temperatures higher than 1250°C. It seeks out is point of support and stabilizes itself.  A life form springs forth and it reveals its personality.

The Scandinavian ceramists Hans Peter Hansen, Turi Heisselberg Petersen and Barbara Nanning inspired me to explore their research on surface texture.  Each piece is covered by a mix of clay, sand and pigments that is projected after a first firing at 900°C, which accents the volumes.

The mat aspect, velvety like moss yet rough like a rock, marries well with the bright colors.

Saturated and intense, these bright colors remind me of those used by the Mexican architects Luis Barragan or the Legorretta, father and son. Clay is a rebel.  I live with its surprises and discover its reality at each instant of each time.  Il forces me to surpass myself.